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Learn to cook authentic Indian food in our home, for yours. The Spice Club has built a loyal following of food fanatics who enjoy the unique home-cooked flavours and the diverse dishes available in Indian cuisine (which you have come to know and love at our events). The most common question asked by Spice Club guests is “How do you make this dish?“ At our intimate cookery classes, you will be invited to be part of the family, and learn to cook the dishes you love to eat, the way we learnt to cook them. We will divulge the well-guarded secrets that have been handed down the generations to elevate your cooking from “meh” to “wow” (or “wow” to “oh my gosh”!). Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook wanting to venture deeper into Indian cuisine, our classes provide everything from the ingredients to the instruction- allowing you to make a complete Indian meal from start to finish. Our classes are held in our private kitchen in Whitefield, North Manchester. Read what people are saying about our cookery classes here.


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Two class sessions: 9-12pm or 4-7pm
Glistening tea lights, multicoloured saris, eye popping fireworks and most importantly glorious food…it is most definitely Diwali time! At this class, you will experience the rich spice, colour & splendour that comes with a full-on Diwali family feast. You will learn to make dishes such as stuffed kachoris, shahi paneer, kofta masala, gobi parathas, jeera pilau & gajar raita- a dinner party menu from heaven. Lunch /dinner included. We are located in Whitefield, Manchester. Full details sent upon booking. Select your preferred class time in the drop down menu and book below.

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Two class sessions: 9-12pm or 4-7pm There is nothing quite like the gauntlet you put your senses through when you experience the explosion of flavours in Indian Street Food. Though we can’t recreate the tumult of the roadsides in India, we’ll teach how to make jaw-dropping dishes that will transport you to the street corners of Mumbai. Learn how to make street food eats like Spicy Chicken Tikka Frankies, Dhokla lentil cakes, Mutton kebabs, Pav Bhaji, and finger licking Chaat. Lunch /dinner included. We are located in Whitefield, Manchester. Full details sent upon booking. Select your preferred class time in the drop down menu and book below.

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The assortment of dishes Punjabi cuisine has to offer is like no other so come and join for us an exciting spice filled class where you will learn how to make a complete Punjabi feast from start to finish. Learn dishes such as Butter Chicken, Tandoori naan, Cauliflower Gobi Aloo, Dahi Bhalle and Cardamom rice pudding so you can re-create them for your family & friends when you get home. Dinner included. Hungry yet? Book below.

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Two class sessions: 9-12pm or 4-7pm
Cosmopolitan and diverse, the mouth-watering cuisine of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is rooted in Bengali cookery and influenced by foods and flavours from around the world. The delicate balance between the main ingredients and unique blend of spices creates one of the most delicious regional cuisines India has to offer. Learn how to make dishes such as King Prawn Malaikari, Spicy Potato Aloo Dum, Bengali Mangshor Lamb Curry, Puffed Luchi Breads & Kolkata Biryani. At the end of the class, you will wonder how you have lived without trying this amazing cuisine! Lunch/Dinner included. Book below.

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“The two of you were so generous with your time and the advice and tips you gave everyone. It was such a relaxed atmosphere with everyone pitching in together it made learning easy and enjoyable” Terry

“Monica and Anita, thank you very much for such a marvellous afternoon-we enjoyed it & thoroughly would love to attend another” Liezl and Ian

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